Cold Prevention – Stop Getting Colds

Scientific research has sparked a discovery – how to stop a cold and stop getting colds. E.P.A. research, hospital tests and university studies confirm – solid copper kills germs quickly on direct physical contact, including cold and flu viruses, MRSA, and many other pathogens. When copper touches a virus or bacterium, tests show it kills it. Read more.


Cold Prevention – The new science findings point to how to prevent colds, or stop a cold if it has just started. Rub smooth copper gently in your nose for 60 seconds at the first sign of a cold or if exposed to someone with a cold. Copper kills viruses quickly by direct physical contact. The science is strong. Kill the cold virus directly in your nose and don’t get the cold.


We invited people to try solid copper in the nose within a couple of hours of any sign of a cold. Almost all say they stopped the cold completely. Of those who applied solid copper within 2 days, all say it at least mitigated the illness versus what they expected. Research points to copper as the best cold prevention, naturally.


"Now I have this little magic wand. No more colds for me!" (read more)
Julie, Office Manager/Physicians Assistant
"Spread the word, not the sniffles." (read more)
Pat McAllister, Floor Manager, VT Hay Company
"Tried CopperZap ... didn't get the cold.…" (read more)
Doug Compton, TDS Computer
“I completely swear by CopperZap.…" (read more)
Emily P.
"I just felt better right away.…" (read more)
L.F., California
"I feel like I can breathe again.…" (read more)
Betsy G., Receptionist
"I used CopperZap ... my symptoms went away.…" (read more)
Penny C., PCA
"All symptom were gone in 3 hours…" (read more)
Mark, Pastor
"It works. …I felt completely better." (read more)
Melissa Ramos, Sales Coordinator
"…I was quickly back to full strength" (read more)
John B., Engineer
"…made my flu go away…" (read more)
Jan, Attorney
"…I was getting a cold so I tried it and it worked." (read more)
Allison C., Student Nurse and Mother
"A bad cold ... CopperZap ... I feel good." (read more)
Mrs G., Education Coordinator
"…alleviated the symptoms and prevented a cold." (read more)
Xavier I., Personal Trainer
"I think it helped a lot." (read more)
Arlette M., Mother / Account Manager / U.S. Army Reservist
"…it worked for me." (read more)
Jen R., Administrative Assistant, CopperZap LLC
"... got rid of my symptoms completely!" (read more)
Emily P., Receptionist



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Cold Prevention

Solid copper can prevent a cold before it starts, or mitigate it if it has already started, research indicates. (read more)

Copper for flu

Solid copper kills the flu virus InfluenzaA, and is also believed to attack H1N1, swine flu, and others. (read more)

Copper for other illness

Solid copper kills many other dangerous or deadly germs, including some classified as anti-biotic resistant. (read more)