How to stop a cold?


CopperZap™ – at first sign of a cold


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CopperZap is made of pure copper. Scientists have shown copper kills cold and flu viruses, MRSA, and other dangerous germs by touch almost instantly.
CopperZap has a smooth tip to rub gently in yourCZ-Near-Nose-300dpi-300x169-lo-res nose for 60 seconds per side at the first sign of a cold. Almost 100% of reporting users so far say the copper prevented or stopped a cold if used within 4 hours of the first sign, or mitigated it if within 48 hours.
Countoured handle touches your fingers and hands where you may be carrying disease germs and not know it. Copper has been shown to kill E. coli, C. diff, VRE, Staph, Krebsiella, and over 100 other pathogens.
Many products claim to shorten a cold. Copper may be the only thing that can actually stop or prevent a cold, stop or prevent the flu, and at the same time reduce your risk from touching contaminated surfaces and passing along dangerous germs to your family and friends.
Buy once, use forever. Never wears out. Tarnish does not reduce the effect of copper, according to the EPA. Easy to polish in 30 seconds if you prefer the untarnished appearance. Made in USA.


Directions come with each CopperZap. Use only as directed.
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