How to Stop a Cold Completely


CopperZap scientific cold prevention


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How can you stop a cold completely? Scientific research finally finds the answer – copper.Screenshot_2014-11-05-14-22-24~2
University and government scientists have shown copper kills cold and flu viruses almost instantly by touch, because copper is inherently antimicrobial.
The research led to a discovery – you can stop a cold just by rubbing smooth copper in your nose for 60 seconds at the first sign of a cold, according to anecdotal evidence.


This discovery led to a practical instrument designed to kill cold viruses in your nose and on your hands. It is also designed to kill flu viruses, MRSA, and many other disease germs.
It’s called CopperZap, because copper zaps germs.
CopperZap™ has a smooth tip you rub gently in your nose. CZ-Near-Nose-300dpi-300x169-lo-res Almost 100% of reporting users so far say copper prevented or stopped a cold if used within 3-4 hours of the first sign, or mitigated it if used within 48 hours.
The handle is contoured to increase the “touch surface” area for your fingers and hands in case you have picked up dangerous germs.
Copper has been shown to kill E. coli, C. diff, VRE, Staph, and over 100 other pathogens. (It has not been tested on Ebola yet.)
Many products claim to shorten a cold. Copper may be the only thing that can actually stop a cold in its tracks or keep you from getting one in the first place. At the same time it can reduce your risk if you touch a contaminated surface and help you avoid passing dangerous germs to your family and friends.
It works by direct physical contact with germs. It is not a drug or a medication. It leaves nothing on or in your body except a slight trace like you get from touching pennies.
Copper occurs naturally in many foods. Small amounts are present in healthy tissue and are necessary for good health.copper-new-gold
It’s not a pill, it won’t make you drowsy, and you can drive all the heavy machinery you want.
We do not recommend sharing CopperZaps. It is for personal use, like a toothbrush. Copper is self-sanitizing, according to the EPA, but the risk of cross-contamination cannot be totally eliminated.
Buy once, use forever. Never wears out.
Tarnish does not reduce copper’s effect, according to the EPA, but CopperZap is easy to polish in 30 seconds if you prefer the untarnished appearance. Made in USA.
Use only as directed. Directions come with each CopperZap™.
The story of how CopperZap came to be.
The science behind CopperZap.