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Is it just a placebo effect?


Placebo effects happen when people believe something will work and convince themselves that it does, but it really doesn’t.  It is natural to wonder if the rave reviews for CopperZap® are just a placebo effect.

Consider these facts:

  1. The effect is strong not only in people who want to believe, but also in those who don’t.  Many people completely scoffed at the idea until a spouse or someone pressured them to try a CopperZap, and then realized it really does work.

  2. Some people believe it will work on allergies.  They really want it to.  But almost nobody reports that it does work on allergies, because it generally doesn’t.  If it were just a placebo, why wouldn’t people think CopperZap works on their allergies, not just the things it does work on?

  3. Reports from hospitals that copper touch surfaces reduce the spread of infectious illness in hospitals say the effect is the same even when people don’t know the surfaces are copper.

  4. Many people believe various remedies may prevent colds, such as Vitamin C, Echinacea, zinc tablets, and chicken soup.  Some people claim some such measures reduce the length or severity of a cold, but almost nobody claims they actually prevent a cold.  If CopperZap is just a placebo, why don’t other measures get just as much overwhelmingly positive feedback as CopperZap?

  5. Copper’s effect on viruses, bacteria, and fungi has been conclusively demonstrated in hundreds of studies based on hard science, not human judgment.

  6. CopperZap LLC receives over 100 to 1 ratio of reports saying it works compared to reports saying it doesn’t.  That kind of ratio is unheard of with things that really are just placebos, such as those used in double-blind tests.

  7. People have reported using copper against a number of bacterial or viral ailments the company did not believe it would work against and had not even suggested it might, such as sinus trouble, cold sores, canker sores, congestions, thrush, warts, and ringworm.  A placebo effect usually depends on at least a suggestion that it will work.

    One young lady said, “I got a CopperZap as a gift from my mother.  I only tried it to prove to her it was nonsense.  Boy was I mad when it worked!”

    A husband had terrible sinus trouble.  When his wife ordered one for each of them, he said, “Oh Judy, you are such a whack job!”  But she finally got him to try it.  They say it changed his life.

    People who think it is just a placebo are the perfect ones to try it, because they do not believe it will work.  CopperZap LLC offers a full money back guarantee if it doesn’t.  The company says, “We hope they will try it, but we hope they won’t be too mad when it works!”