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Doug Cornell, Ph.d - President
Doug started working on CopperZap® in 2012. He came up with the idea after he discovered that when he briefly touched copper in his nose a cold he felt just starting stopped completely. He searched online and discovered a huge body of research showing copper kills germs just by touch. Doug is an investor and investment manager. His background includes product innovation and invention. He developed and patented a unique solar water heater which was chosen as "The Best in the World" at the 1984 World’s Fair. Since 2012, mostly in spare time, Doug tested CopperZap, oversaw development of a manufacturing process, and hired a great team of people for day-to-day operations. Doug has a BA from Yale University and a PhD from University of Michigan.
Priscilla Schnarr - Vice President
Priscilla joined CopperZap LLC in 2017, soon became Director of Marketing, and was promoted to Vice President on June 1, 2021. She had to start almost from scratch to get the word out about a new and novel product few people had ever heard of. She brought a wealth of managerial talent and experience. She has used it to help create ads and articles, manage our social media efforts, grow our customer service and order-taking team, and upgrade our shipping department and various other parts of our operations. She is the primary person leading our next phase of growth.
Charles Schnarr - Production Manager
Charles joined CopperZap LLC in 2017 in our manufacturing department. He brought a wide variety of experience in teaching, administration, catering, and stage production, plus a natural ability to manage people and processes. He soon rose to Manufacturing Manager. He oversees production, inventory, and work flow in the factory. With his gentle and effective leadership style, he built a great team of skilled and dedicated production workers. With their help he helps the facility run smoothly and safely, and maintains the highest standard of product quality.
Aimee Salter - Shipping Manager
Great organizational skills and attention to detail make Aimee perfect for running the shipping department. She is the final quality control inspector. She makes sure each CopperZap meets high quality standards before it goes out, and that orders are filled and packaged correctly and shipped promptly, usually the same day. In the summer when there is less shipping, she also works in the manufacturing shop, where she has become a skilled machine operator. Her sunny disposition and cheery good humor contribute to team spirit and a pleasant atmosphere.
Eddie Davenport - Manufacturing Process Development
In 2013 several consultants had warned that CopperZap would be difficult to manufacture. Pure copper is hard to work with compared to other metals because it is soft and turns “gummy” when worked. From working with Eddie in the past, Doug thought if anyone could figure it out, Eddie could. He is a skilled craftsman, resourceful and thoughtful, and dedicated to the highest quality. Eddie experimented, developed new techniques, selected tools and equipment, and gradually overcame the difficulties. He developed specialized procedures to achieve the right shape and texture and get the most out of our tools and equipment. Eddie served as a United States Marine in Gulf One in highly technical, dangerous, and demanding specialties.