EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Natural Germ Killer

Pure Copper Kills Germs Naturally

Science shows pure copper kills germs, including viruses, bacteria, and fungus, just by directly touching them.

High-power microscopes show viruses start to die instantly when copper touches them.

Nothing else works as well or as fast as pure copper against as many different harmful germs.

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Thousands of people are successfully using pure copper against germs that cause:

Colds and Flu

Covid and RSV

Sinus trouble from germs

Cold sores

Fever blisters

Infected canker sores

Sleep loss from Congestion

Stuffy nose

Drippy nose

Mold allergies

Hay fever from bacteria

Strep throat

Pink Eye and Styes

Skin infections

infected sores

Cuts and Wounds

Thrush, Tongue Infections



Getting sick after air travel

CopperZaps are handheld devices made of pure copper. They weigh about 2 ounces.

Each CopperZap® is made in America in 14 labor-intensive steps to get the shape and texture that works best.

The tip has a shape and curve to reach bad germs in your nose before they make you sick.

The handle is shaped for maximum contact with germs on your fingers and other skin areas. The tip and the handle can both be used against bad germs in the mouth and in wounds.

It has an almost microscopic texture all over which increases surface area contact and reaches more germs in the nose or mouth and on skin.

The Directions tell how to use it against each problem it has shown success against.

Longtime users say they haven't been sick in years.

They have better health, less stress, less medical cost, more time to enjoy life, and perhaps even a longer life to enjoy.

Nearly every review is 5-star.

Thousands of emails and phone calls keep coming in from amazed, happier, healthier customers.

Over 100,000 CopperZaps have been sold.

Guaranteed to work or your money back.

National Institutes of Health

"The antimicrobial activity of copper is now well established."

Use in the nose for 30-60 seconds

Colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses start when viruses get in your nose and multiply. If you don’t stop them early enough, they spread out and cause misery.

When you feel a warning sign like a tickle in your nose or a scratchy throat, use copper right away to stop the germs from spreading and making you sick.

Touch the tip of your CopperZap very gently in the bottom of each nostril for 30-60 seconds. That's where many bad germs first collect and start to multiply before they spread through your airways and make you sick.

If you use it within the first 1-3 hours of feeling a warning sign, evidence suggests the copper kills enough of the viruses that your immune system has an easy time with the rest.

Thousands of people have been using copper this way since 2012. Over 99% say it works if they use it soon enough.

Use it also when you have been around people coughing or sneezing or whenever you may have been exposed to airborne viruses.

Use for sinus trouble.

Many sinus problems come from mold, which is a fungus. Copper kills fungus.

Mold can be in the air from trees and plants, especially after rain.

Many people have mold allergies or allergies related to bacteria or viruses. Some allergies, however, are strictly from plant material or pet dander, which copper does not affect.

See the Directions that come with it for sinus trouble, allergies, stuffy nose, drippy nose, and sleep loss due to congestion at night.

American Society for Microbiology

"Viruses and bacteria are rapidly killed by copper."

Use for cold sores (fever blisters)

Cold sore sufferers usually feel a tingle in the lip just before a blister erupts.

When you feel that tingle, immediately hold the broad part of the handle against the tingly spot for 3-5 minutes.

The whole thing is pure copper, including the handle. Slight amounts of copper get absorbed to a very shallow distance below the skin and can reach viruses lurking there.

Repeat the process in about an hour and again several times until the tingle is gone.

If you already have an outbreak, perhaps from not being able to use copper soon enough, use it anyway to kill viruses in the blister and try to heal it sooner.

Use the same process against infected canker sores in the mouth. See Directions.

Use over and over. Never wears out.

A 100-year-old copper railing in Grand Central Station still kills germs.

There are copper coins still around from the Roman Empire, which was 2000 years ago.

EPA tests show copper keeps right on killing germs even when it is tarnished.

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Each one comes with Directions.

CopperZaps are made in the USA of pure American copper. They are solid copper throughout, including the handle, not coated.

90-day Money Back Guarantee for any reason. The company is top-rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Statements not evaluated by the FDA. Not claimed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

CopperZap LLC BBB Business Review CopperZap LLC BBB Business Review

Made in the USA

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