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Copper is Nature's Germ Killer



What is CopperZap?

CopperZap is a revolutionary device designed to put the power of copper right where you need it, when you need it most.

It has a special shape and texture to give it maximum contact with germs in your nose before they spread out.

It is the only product designed to reach the exact place where germs collect and multiply.

Germs Threatening? Copper can stop them.

When germs get in your nose they can spread out and cause misery, unless you stop them early.

Feel a tickle in the nose? It could be caused by germs.

Use copper in the nose right away and zap them at the source.

American Society for Microbiology

"Viruses and bacteria are rapidly killed by copper."

People report using copper against:



-Sinus trouble

-Cold sores

-Canker sores


-Skin infections






National Institutes of Health

"The antimicrobial activity of copper is now well established."

Full Money Back Guarantee

We accept returns for any reason.

Feedback from people who use CopperZap according to the Directions and report back is over 99% positive.

Over 80,000 Shipped

CopperZap LLC BBB Business Review CopperZap LLC BBB Business Review

Statements in this document are not intended and should not be interpreted as product health claims, and have not been evaluated by the FDA. CopperZap® is not claimed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Not for environmental use. Does not replace any health practices like hand-washing or vaccines. Seek medical advice for illness or health emergency.