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Copper is Nature's Germ Killer



American Society for Microbiology

"Viruses and bacteria are rapidly killed by copper."

Copper is Antimicrobial

Copper kills microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and fungus, on contact.

Copper’s power to kill germs has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used copper to purify water and help wounds heal faster. American Civil War doctors used copper to prevent infection in battlefield wounds.

Now scientists understand why copper is so useful as a disinfectant.

Studies Show Germs Die Rapidly on Copper

Dr. Bill Keevil, who led one of the teams studying the copper effect, placed millions of disease germs on copper. “They started to die literally as soon as they touched the surface,” he said.

The EPA officially declared copper
to be antimicrobial. Health System Review and Forbes Magazine both ran articles saying, "Copper is the new gold standard in saving lives."

Scientists say the high electrical conductance of copper disrupts the electrical balance in a microbe and destroys it in seconds.

National Institutes of Health

"The antimicrobial activity of copper is now well established."

CopperZap Puts Copper Right Where You Need It

CopperZap is a personal copper device designed for using inside the nose and on the fingers and hands.

CopperZap has a special shape and texture to give it maximum contact with germs on your skin or in your nose before they spread.

Each CopperZap has a copper tip that fits just right in the groove along the bottom of the nostril where microbes can collect before spreading out.

It is 99.9% pure copper for maximum effect and beautifully textured to increase germ contact.

CopperZap puts copper right where you need it, when you need it most.

At the First Sign of Unwanted Germs

When you feel a tickle in the nose or a scratchy throat, use copper in the nose right away, or within 3 hours at the most.  Copper can kill unwanted germs.

Copper does not cure any illness we know of but EPA tests show copper kills microbes that can cause illness. 

The use of copper to prevent illness is growing in hospitals and other health care facilities. (See Science Page)

A+ Rated Company

CopperZap LLC earns the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has received zero complaints about the company since it started in 2012.

Full Money Back Guarantee

We accept returns for any reason. Our return rate is under 2%. Most of those returns come from people who received a CopperZap as a gift and were too skeptical to try it. (We understand!)

Feedback from people who use CopperZap according to the Directions and report back is over 99% positive.

Over 80,000 Customers

Made in the USA

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