EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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  • What is CopperZap®?

    CopperZap® is a solid copper nasal wand and personal touch surface. It is designed to apply the touch of solid copper to the nose and skin.

    Extensive research demonstrates that solid copper kills bacteria and viruses by touch within minutes. Hospitals using solid copper touch surfaces have greatly reduced the spread of infectious illness.

    CopperZap is designed for people to easily apply copper to their own hands, faces, and nostrils, whenever they want. Application of copper is suggested in the nose at the first sign of viruses and bacteria, and on the fingers, hands and face after potential exposure to germs.

  • How does copper work?

    Hundreds of studies have shown that bacteria and viruses die rapidly when they come into direct physical contact with solid copper. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) supervised studies showing that solid copper “touch surfaces” kill germs that can make people sick. CopperZap® puts the touch of solid copper in your nose, where unwanted germs can collect and multiply.

    Scientists believe the electrical conductance of the copper disrupts the delicate electrical balance between the inside and the outside of the cell membrane of a microbe. The copper causes a microscopic electrical “zap” and pops holes in the cell membrane. You can’t feel it, but it kills the microbe.

    Rub the tip of the wand gently in the inside cavity of each nostril for 60 seconds at the first sign of unwanted germs.

    Over 99% of people who have tried it and reported back say the copper stops germs from taking hold if they use it within the first 3 hours of feeling a sign, like a tickle in the nose or a scratchy throat.

    Research also suggests that rubbing your fingers and thumb on solid copper for 60 seconds can reduce the bacteria and viruses on your hands, which may reduce the spread of infectious illness to yourself and others. CopperZap® has a solid copper touch surface handle designed for maximum contact with hands and fingers.

  • Where can I buy it?

    You can buy the CopperZap® here on our website, or you may order by phone at 1-888-411-6114. Customer service is available from 9am to 5pm Arizona Time.

    We also accept checks and money orders by mail. However, in order to ensure that taxes and shipping are properly calculated, we recommend that you speak with Customer Service before you send a check or money order.

  • How often can I use CopperZap®?

    When you feel that early warning sign of unwanted germs, you can use it up to 4 times a day for no more than 3 days. That's when you're really trying to knock out microbes before they spread throughout your system.

    You may use it daily for preventative measures, but we recommend that you take a couple of days off, perhaps over the weekend if you work weekdays. Copper can't distinguish between good microbes and bad microbes, and overuse can lead to a depletion of the good kind. But luckily for us, the good microbes are more abundant in our bodies than the bad ones, and taking a couple of days off from using the CopperZap for daily prevention is enough time for those healthy microbes to replenish.

    You can use it daily on your hands and fingers, as often as you would use hand sanitizer. The CopperZap® is especially helpful on your hands and fingers when you can't wash your hands.

  • How can only 60-seconds have much effect?

    By sliding the CopperZap® tip around in the bottom of the inner nostril, the solid copper comes in contact with a large percentage of the microbes present. Evidence suggests the zapping effect starts in seconds and the microbes die within a few minutes.

    CopperZap also leave ions (or atoms) of copper in the nostril, which may continue killing microbes for some minutes. The same is true about the fingers and thumbs when you rub them on the solid copper handle.

  • How fast does copper kill or inactivate microbes?

    Early tests for the EPA only checked the microbe survival rate after hours on a copper surface.  This led to a misconception that it takes hours for copper to kill microbes.  The most recent testing indicates that when microbe-laden solution touches a copper surface, the microbes in the first layer start dying immediately. Over time, copper atoms suffuse through the medium and kill the rest. 

    When you use CopperZap® in the nose or on the skin for 60 seconds, the copper kills the microbes it touches within seconds and leaves a slight trace of copper atoms that suffuse through the mucus and keeps killing more microbes for many more minutes.  That’s why it works so well.

  • Are there side effects?

    CopperZap® has no known side effects when used as directed. Humans have been using copper for thousands of years for disinfecting water and for medical purposes. Water pipes are often made of copper. Copper IUDs have been in use for many years.

  • Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

    We have no evidence that CopperZap® used as directed would be harmful to pregnant women. Many pregnant women have used it, and we have no reports of ill effects.

    Copper normally can be toxic only in large amounts.  It is in many of the foods we eat, such as oysters, liver, leafy greens, dark chocolate, and lobster, and is necessary for a healthy body. The human body is very good at regulating copper levels, so the risk of excess copper is low. 

  • Can children use it?

    Children can use CopperZap® on their fingers, hands, or faces if they are beyond the age of putting everything in their mouths. Parents can use it on the skin of very young children, or warts or cuts or wounds. The CopperZap should not be used on infants.

  • Does it need to be sterilized?

    No. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says copper is “continuously self-sanitizing” because it inherently kills microbes, including bacteria and viruses present on it.  In tests supervised by the EPA, dangerous bacteria and viruses could not survive long on bare solid copper, as opposed to stainless steel, where some survived for months.

  • If it is self-sterilizing, why does it need to be cleaned, and how do I clean it?

    The surface of the CopperZap® must be free of oil and dirt for maximum effect. A thin layer of oil or dirt can prevent the copper from directly touching the germs. It takes direct physical contact with the copper itself to kill the germs. If it is particularly dirty, or if you get lotion, face cream, sunscreen, etc., on it, then you should wash it with soap and warm water to remove the oil. 

    Generally speaking, though, after you use your CopperZap you can usually just wipe it off with a paper towel, a clean cloth, or an oil-free tissue. 

    You may also clean it with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar.

  • Can CopperZap® help if I already have a cold?

    If you already have full-blown cold symptoms, it is probably too late for copper to help.

    If you receive your CopperZap in the midst of an ongoing cold, you may want to try using it once or twice in case it might still help a little, but don’t keep on using it. The immune system should be fully engaged by then, and you should not interfere. Let the normal recovery process run its course.

    Make sure to use copper next time, however. It may help in the future by killing germs before they spread out.

  • Can family members share a CopperZap®?

    The CopperZap® can be shared; however, we recommend one for each adult so you can have it with you when you’re out and about and use it right away if you feel signs of unwanted germs or you've been exposed to unwanted germs. If you wait until you get home or you cannot find where someone else put it, it may give the germs the time they need to spread out too far. You only have a short window of time before germs spread out too far for the copper to reach.

  • Can I fly with a CopperZap®?

    Many people have taken the CopperZap® with them on airplanes in carry-on bags, on both domestic and international flights. We recommend keeping the Directions with you among your carry-on items to make its purpose clear if a question comes up.

    We recommend using it two ways when traveling:

    First, use it on your fingers and hands often, including when you arrive at the airport, when you get to your seat, and any other time you think about it. You can even rub the handle on your face.

    Second, use it in your nose once or twice during the travel day and again when you leave the airport at the other end.

  • What about tarnish?

    EPA research concluded that tarnish does not reduce the effectiveness of copper against germs. Tarnish is the natural change in color that copper undergoes when exposed to air and moisture. In some applications, the tarnish is considered beautiful and is called “patina.”

    It is easy to restore the original shine of copper, however, if desired. Commercial metal polish can be used, or the CopperZap can be soaked in distilled white vinegar for about an hour.

  • Does copper kill beneficial bacteria at the same time as harmful ones?

    Some, yes, but not like antibiotics, which can kill massive numbers of beneficial bacteria. Copper only kills bacteria it actually touches, like on the fingers and in the nose. There are billions of beneficial or neutral bacteria in our bodies that are not affected. Using CopperZap as directed allows plenty of time for beneficial bacteria to repopulate.

  • Do bacteria and viruses develop immunity to copper?

    Not according to the research. Some scientists have pointed out that micro-organisms die so fast when touched by copper that they cannot replicate or pass their DNA on to other micro-organisms, which is one of the ways bacteria and viruses often adapt and become resistant. Humans have been using copper for thousands of years, and yet in all that time, no strain of micro-organism has yet been found that can live very long on a clean copper surface, according to the CDA.

  • Can I use CopperZap instead of hand-washing?

    Copper enhances hygiene and sanitary practices, but is not a substitute for the basics, like hand-washing. CopperZap® is especially useful for situations where you cannot immediately wash your hands. Touch your CopperZap frequently whenever you are out and about meeting with people, shopping, traveling, or at a party, a school, a hospital, etc.

  • Why isn't the benefit of touching solid copper more widely known?

    Before scientists discovered bacteria and viruses, people did not know why copper worked so well as a disinfectant. For example, during cholera outbreaks that killed thousands of people, doctors noticed that copper workers did not get sick, but they didn’t know why because they did not know about microbes. Even when bacteria and viruses were discovered, it took a long time to figure out how copper affected them.

    The medical community started to figure it out, however, and by the 1930s, copper was coming into wider use in hospitals and doctors’ offices. But then antibiotics came along and interest in copper died down. Copper was expensive and no longer seemed necessary.

    In the last 20 years or so the dawning recognition that antibiotics are losing effectiveness has sparked renewed interest in copper. The word is getting out about copper’s effects, but slowly. There is a natural tendency to pass it off at first as a fad or hype, partly because of copper bracelets, which are thought by many to be based on superstition.

  • What about copper bracelets, do they work?

    In order for copper to kill microbes, it needs to come into direct contact with them. That's why the entire CopperZap® is made of pure copper, including the handle. Use it on your hands and fingers, as well as in your nose.

    The specially designed shape and the texture of the CopperZap allow it to come into the most contact with germs, which makes it more effective.

  • Can I just use copper pennies?

    CopperZap® is designed to fit into the far back of the nasal cavity where microbes collect before spreading out to cause illness. It requires a very particular shape and the tip is designed to fit safely and comfortably. A penny cannot reach the right place in the nose to be effective.

  • Does CopperZap® turn the skin green like some copper jewelry does?

    No, not unless worn on the skin for a long time. Copper jewelry held against the skin for a few days can cause a temporary greenish color to appear on the skin where it has been in contact with the copper. This goes away after the jewelry is taken off. CopperZap® is not designed to be held against the skin for more than a few minutes at a time.

  • If copper works so well, why can't I just take copper pills?

    Copper inside your body does not touch germs on your skin or in your nose. If germs are already inside your body, such as in your bloodstream, there is no safe way to take in enough copper to help. Too much copper can be toxic. A normal diet provides plenty of copper for tissue health and the other vital benefits of copper in the body. Copper pills might overwhelm the system without doing much good on the skin or in the nose.

  • What if I feel uncomfortable sticking something in my nose?

    That’s understandable, but having germs in the nose is pretty uncomfortable, too, and can spread to others and keep you from enjoying life for a while. Try it, very very gently. It is not supposed to hurt. Think about all those nasty microbes the copper is attacking. After trying it once or twice, it may not seem so uncomfortable after all.

  • Can I have another copy of the Directions?

    You can download and print a copy of the Directions here.

  • Still have a question?
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