EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Bacteria in wounds threaten life and limb

"When bacteria make their way into wounds, they literally threaten life and limb," says Scientific American.

Bacteria can quickly infect any bleeding injury.

Before antibiotics, Civil War doctors used copper when available to disinfect battlefield wounds. In some cases this could save an arm or a leg. Or a life.

Now that antibiotics are losing effectiveness, scientists are rediscovering pure copper, which has been used for thousands of years to kill bacteria.

Injuries can occur at work or at play, at home or on vacation, to grownups or children. Medical help may be minutes or hours away.

Bacteria don't wait. It is vital to disinfect any bleeding injury right away to prevent serious infection.

There are many good reasons to have your CopperZap® with you at all times, but some day this could be your best reason.

If you or someone near you suffers a bleeding injury, fast action could save a limb or a life.

Frederick, a smart CopperZap owner, advised:

"Hold the Zap's flat side, edge, or tip onto the wound or deep into it for about 2 minutes. If bleeding badly, hold a pressure bandage or towel over Zap and wound for about 2 minutes to reduce blood loss, remove Zap, reapply pressure bandage and seek medical help quickly."

Also remove dirt or foreign objects from the wound. Gently touch the broad part of the handle, which is pure copper, all over the wound and all around it against any nearby bacteria.

Use the tip very gently in the wound itself as far as you can without causing further damage.

If you happen to have CopperZap Water™ available (see Directions), rinse the wound with it as part of the disinfection process.

The process may take less than a minute for a minor cut or several minutes for a large wound. Repeat in an hour if professional medical help is still not available.

Happy Zapping!

- Doug Cornell, PhD

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