EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Ancient Health Idea Turns Out To Be Right


Some ancient peoples used copper to fight infections and prevent illness  

They knew copper worked, but they did not know why. 

It wasn’t until 2002, when scientists started testing the effect of copper, that the reason became clear. It turns out copper kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus almost instantly, just by touch.  

Copper has been used to stop germs throughout history  

Now we finally know why Hippocrates, called the father of modern medicine, used copper to heal skin ulcers over 2000 years ago. Now we know why ancient Egyptians and Aztecs used copper to heal wounds, stop sore throats, and purify water. 

Civil War era doctors used copper to stop infection in battlefield wounds, without knowing why it worked. Doctors kept using copper until antibiotics were developed in the 1930s. But many germs, like MRSA, have developed resistance to antibiotics.  

EPA registers copper has antimicrobial in 2008 

That’s why in 2002 the EPA launched a research project to try to stop the spread of MRSA and other dangerous germs in hospitals. Their tests, and hundreds more tests since then, showed that disease germs die quickly when they touch copper. 

So the EPA urged hospitals to change over their “touch surfaces” like doorknobs, faucets, and tray tables to copper. Those that did so have cut the spread of illness in the hospital in half and saved lives. 

In 2008 the EPA designated copper the only solid anti-microbial material.  Anti-microbial means it kills bacteria, viruses and fungus.  Since then university and hospital studies have shown that copper kills many different disease germs, including superbugs that have developed resistance to antibiotics. 

Many hospitals, however, have delayed using copper, perhaps due to cost. One company, however, realized that copper can also be used by individuals for personal protection, and decided not to wait.   


CopperZap is a personal copper device, or nasal swab, you can carry with you for natural germ defense. 

It uses pure copper in a special shape and texture to stop germs that may be collecting in the nose. It has a special tip you can insert gently into your nose to quickly kill germs at the first warning sign, like a tickle in the nose.  Over 99% of reporting users say it works to stop germs when used at the first sign. 

People also use copper against sinus trouble, nasal drip, and congestion or stuffiness, cold sores, skin infections and more. The handle is pure copper, too, which kills bacteria and viruses on your fingers in case you picked up germs from touching things that sick people recently touched.  

The original copper nasal swab 

CopperZap is the original copper nasal swab and the only product with a patented shape that can reach the right place in the nose to be effective. It has a specially shaped handle of pure copper and a pure copper swab perfectly shaped to reach and deactivate germs inside the nasal cavity. 

Made in the USA.





Latest updated Directions are at CopperZap.com/Directions.  Printed Directions come with every CopperZap.

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