EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Sinus Cleared by Copper

Pure copper kills germs that cause sinus trouble, scientist have shown.

CopperZaps are made of pure copper.

Copper kills microbes, including fungus.  Mold is a fungus.  A lot of sinus congestion is caused by mold.  Mold is often in the air outdoors, especially after rain. It can also be indoors.

Sinus sufferer Donna B told us this story after she got a CopperZap®:

“I have had a freakin headache for the last 2 days. Mainly from the pressure from my congested sinuses. Totally blocked and sounded like I was talking with my nose plugged.

“Finally, football ½ time I get desperate and pull this thing out and use it.  Within minutes, my head cleared and all the junk in my nose and throat moved (I’ll put it delicately).

“I am shocked, no more headache, no more congestion.

“I don’t normally buy into this stuff, but once you read about it and then use it you will be amazed.”

         Doug Cornell, Ph.D.


People use CopperZaps against:
   Colds and Flu
   Sinus trouble from germs
   Cold sores or Fever blisters
   Canker sores that get infected
   Sleep disruption by congestion
   Stuffy nose, Drippy nose
   Mold allergies
   Hay fever worsened by Bacteria
   Strep throat
   Pink Eye and Styes
   Skin infections
   Infected sores
   Cuts and Wounds
   Thrush and Tongue infections
   Getting sick after air travel 

CopperZaps are made in the US of solid pure American germ-killing copper.
Over 100,000 sold. Full money back 90-day guarantee.
Top-rated by the Better Business Bureau.  




Latest updated Directions are at CopperZap.com/Directions.  Printed Directions come with every CopperZap. 

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Tucson, Arizona 85711 

520-512-5474 or toll-free 888-411-6114
Email: info@copperzap.com

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