EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Does CopperZap Work?

Despite all the doubts, it turns out the answer is YES!  It works!

Everyone was naturally skeptical.  Most people have never heard of such a thing or the research behind it.

It seems too simple.  It seems too easy.  It seems too good to be true.

But for once, it IS true.

Modern science has proven it.  Pure copper kills germs. 

Ancient people sort of knew it, too.

Since ancient times, germ-killing copper has been right under our noses.  People have used it to kill germs for thousands of years without really knowing anything about germs or understanding why it works.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Aztecs used it to disinfect wounds, stop skin infections and sore throats, and purify water.  Later, Civil War doctors used it on battlefield wounds when available.  They knew it reduced infections and improved healing, but they did not know why.

Lucky for us, 20 years of research by modern science has shown why it works.  Since 2002, hundreds of studies have shown that pure solid copper kills many disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and fungus, just by direct touch.

Scientists at EPA, NIH, and research centers worldwide have come to full agreement that copper zaps those germs and kills them fast.

Take colds, for example.  

People fight colds with all sorts of things like chicken soup, Echinacea, and zinc lozenges.  Many people say these things make a cold feel better. 

But pure copper is the only thing thousands of people say has completely stopped them from getting the cold in the first place.

Respiratory illnesses like cold, flu, and Covid generally start when bad viruses get in your nose.  They gather in the bottom of the inner cavity of the nostril and start to multiply and spread out from there.

A solid copper device with the right shape can reach the low inside part of the nostril and kill viruses before they spread out and cause misery.

Timing is key.  When you first feel a tickle in the nose or a scratchy throat, it may be a warning sign that a cold or flu is about to start. 

If you touch copper to the inside bottom of your nostrils within 3 hours or less, experience says the copper can kill enough of the viruses to let the immune system destroy the rest with ease, before symptoms start.

If you wait too long, the viruses spread all through your airways and you can't reach enough of them to stop the illness.  You may still make it shorter and less severe, however, if you use it soon enough to reduce the burden on your immune system a little.

With flu you may only have about 1 hour, since flu viruses are aggressive and spread fast.  The warning sign of flu sometimes starts with a sore spot in the throat instead of a tickle in the nose.  The Directions describe how to apply pure copper in the throat.

Covid is more difficult.  It does not seem to give a warning sign, and it spreads very fast.  The key is to use pure copper very soon after exposure to people who may have Covid.

Recent EPA tests shows copper does kill the Covid virus, as well as the other disease viruses they had tested it on earlier.

Doubts are hard to dispel, however.  Many older studies placed germs on copper and waited 2-4 hours to check, and found no germs still alive.

This led some people to think it took 2-4 hours for the germs to die.  What it actually shows is that it didn't take 2-4 hours, but it doesn't show how long it actually does take.

Studies that checked within one minute concluded it takes less than a minute.  Newer studies show germs start to die instantly when copper touches them directly.

When they start to die, they lose the ability to reproduce or share DNA with other microbes, so they cease being a threat even though they may take a few more seconds to actually die.

Doubts are natural, however.  Can copper really stop an illness from happening?

Even the developer of CopperZap had doubts.  After trying it on himself in 2012 with great results, he still thought, "Can this really be true?"

He did lab tests to confirm he wasn't just fooling himself.  The tests indicated the copper was indeed killing germs in the nose, and also on the fingers and hands. 

His tests also indicated it leaves a trace of copper in the nose and on the skin for at least 20 minutes, which may continue killing germs a while longer and may suffuse through the nasal mucus to reach more germs.

After those tests, he asked friends and relatives to try copper if they felt any sign of a cold about to start.  Over the next few months they all reported back that it worked if they used it soon enough.

Since then thousands of people have tried it.  Over 99% of their reports say it works.

About one half of one percent say it did not work for them.  When there is a chance to discuss it with them, it often turns out they did not follow the Directions that come with it.

Almost from the start, people began reporting it worked on other things, too, not just colds which it was originally meant for. 

Now thousands of people are using CopperZaps against:

  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Covid
  • Sinus trouble from germs
  • Cold sores and fever blisters
  • Mold allergies
  • Stuffy noses, drippy noses
  • Sleep loss due to congestion
  • Infected canker sores
  • Pink Eye and Styes
  • Skin infections
  • Cuts and Wounds
  • Thrush and tongue infections
  • Warts
  • Ringworm
  • Getting sick after air travel

So despite all the doubts, the answer is yes.  CopperZap works.  The research says it does, and now people are proving it to themselves every day.

         Doug Cornell, Ph.D.


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