EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Copper Stops Fever Blisters

CopperZap used against fever blister in the lip.

A CopperZap on a tingly spot


Science says pure copper kills fever blister germs. CopperZaps are pure copper.

Users say it stops every fever blister before it starts if they use it right away!

When you feel that warning tingle in the lip, use your CopperZap immediately.

Hold it right on the tingly spot for 3-5 minutes so the copper reaches the viruses.

Users say if they use it promptly the copper always stops the fever blister from happening.  If they use it a little later, they say a small blister may form but it soon goes away.

Users say if they already have a blister, copper kills enough viruses so it heals faster.  That's because a slight amount of copper gets absorbed deep enough to kill the viruses.

CopperZaps can also be used against colds, flu, Covid, sinus trouble, and much more.  See the list below.

CopperZaps come with Directions and have a money-back guarantee.

People say they tried everything else for fever blisters and copper is the only thing that completely stops them.

Everyone who does not get fever blisters probably knows someone who does, because you can see that embarrassing blister on the lip. 

You could do something really nice for them.  Tell them about CopperZaps, or send them a link to this page or a copy, or simply give them a CopperZap.

It can be returned, but once people try it they never want to be without it.  Many say it has changed their lives.




An early CopperZap customer, who used it against colds and flu, was the one who discovered it could be used against fever blisters

She said she had been getting fever blisters for over 20 years, ever since high school.  She said they made her not want to go to school or see anybody.

She said she had tried every remedy on the market.  Some helped a little, but nothing else kept them from happening in the first place.

Now she carries her CopperZap with her so she can use it right away when she feels the warning tingle.  Problem solved!


CopperZaps are pure solid copper all the way through. Germ-killing power from pure copper with a special shape and texture.


People use CopperZaps against:

   Colds and Flu
   Covid and RSV
   Sinus trouble from germs
   Cold sores or Fever blisters
   Canker sores that get infected
   Sleep disruption by congestion
   Stuffy nose, Drippy nose
   Mold allergies
   Hay fever worsened by Bacteria
   Strep throat
   Pink Eye and Styes
   Skin infections
   Infected sores
   Cuts and Wounds
   Thrush and Tongue infections
   Getting sick after air travel 

CopperZaps are made in the US of solid pure American germ-killing copper.

Over 100,000 sold. Full money back 90-day guarantee.

Top-rated by the Better Business Bureau. 




Latest updated Directions are at CopperZap.com/Directions.  Printed Directions come with every CopperZap.

CopperZap LLC
5151 E. Broadway Blvd, Suite 1600
Tucson, Arizona 85711 

520-512-5474 or toll-free 888-411-6114
Email: info@copperzap.com

Statements not evaluated by the FDA. Not claimed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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