EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Flu Stopped by Copper

Pure copper kills viruses that cause Flu, science has shown.

CopperZaps are made of pure copper.

Flu starts when flu viruses get in your nose or throat.  If you use copper right away it can kill the flu viruses before they spread and make you sick.

Tip:  It is best to try to notice the warning signs that often precede major flu symptoms and use your CopperZap right away.  From the time you notice warning signs, you may have less than an hour for copper to make a big difference.

Some warning signs can include:

  1. A sore spot in the back of the throat
  2. Low-grade fever
  3. Fatigue and weakness
  4. Headache
  5. Body ache
  6. Chills and sweats
  7. Congestion or runny nose

When you feel such signs from flu about to start, the flu viruses are already in your nose or throat.  They are multiplying fast and starting to spread.  Soon many of them will have spread too far to reach.

So don’t wait.  Use copper right away in your nose.  If you feel a sore spot in your throat, use CopperZap Water (see Directions).  A slight copper content in the water can kill viruses causing the sore spot and reduce the number the immune system must deal with, so it can quickly overcome them and stop the flu completely.

If you attack flu viruses quickly enough, the copper can reach and kill enough of them before they spread too far to be stopped.  Your immune system has a much easier job if you kill off a big portion of the viruses early.

People with a compromised immune system need to be especially quick.  Their immune system needs all the help it can get as soon as possible.

Many people report using copper or copper water right away when they felt the first signs of flue about to start, and the flu never happened.

In some cases, however, people did not use copper quite soon enough.

Walter W. said he noticed flu symptoms pretty early but not till after symptoms had already started.  He had missed the warning signs before the major symptoms started, but he used his CopperZap® anyway.

“I felt like it immediately calmed things down in my nose,” he said.

Although the symptoms seemed to lessen, they didn’t stop completely at first.  So he kept using his CopperZap for 3 days several times a day.

By the third day his flu symptoms were completely gone!

Flu usually lasts 10 days or more.  The cough can linger for weeks.  In the first day or two, however, copper can greatly reduce the number of active flu viruses in your nose.

When the immune system is up against reduced numbers of flu viruses, it can overcome them and stop the symptoms much quicker.

After this experience, Walter ordered ten more CopperZaps for gifts!

Happy Zapping!

         Doug Cornell, PhD


People use CopperZaps against:
   Colds and Flu
   Sinus trouble from germs
   Cold sores or Fever blisters
   Canker sores that get infected
   Sleep disruption by congestion
   Stuffy nose, Drippy nose
   Mold allergies
   Hay fever worsened by Bacteria
   Strep throat
   Pink Eye and Styes
   Skin infections
   Infected sores
   Cuts and Wounds
   Thrush and Tongue infections
   Getting sick after air travel 

CopperZaps are made in the US of solid pure American germ-killing copper.
Over 100,000 sold. Full money back 90-day guarantee.
Top-rated by the Better Business Bureau.




Latest updated Directions are at CopperZap.com/Directions.  Printed Directions come with every CopperZap.

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