EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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He let his guard down

No illness for 4 years, then OOPS!

A nice gentleman wrote, “My spouse and I have been using Copperzap for years. We literally haven’t had a cold or flu or covid in 4 years!”

He said they use it every day if they have been around other people earlier that day.

Despite that, one day recently he caught a cold!

“It’s so weird!” he wrote.  “Any ideas what else we can do?  It has worked so fantastic up until now!”

This illustrates a very important point.  For colds, flu, and Covid, what matters most is not how much or how often you use it.

What matters most is WHEN you use it!

When bad germs get in your nose, they immediately start to multiply and spread out.  You may have only an hour or less to kill enough of them so your immune system can easily stop the rest and keep you well.

After I replied to the gentleman, he explained he had gone to the dentist but then waited till he got home before using his CopperZap!  He recognized that was too long.

From the time you are exposed to someone carrying bad germs it is best to use it within an hour.  Sooner is better.  It may depend on the "viral load", meaning how much of the virus got into your nose.

The longer you are around anybody who might be contagious, even if they have no symptoms yet, the higher the viral load you can get, especially if you eat together or if they talk a lot or shout or sing.

You certainly can get a high viral load from someone at the dentist’s, even if they don’t sing!

The higher the viral load, the faster the viruses will multiply and spread.  In some cases you may have only minutes to kill enough of them.

Longtime users may have a special problem – complacency.  After you have used your CopperZap and avoided illness for years, it is natural to forget and maybe not use it as promptly as you should. 

I myself get a little complacent about it sometimes, having avoided illness for almost 12 years now.  When I leave the dentist’s office, I try to use it briefly the minute I am out the door, on my hands and fingers and in my nose. 

Sometimes, however, my mind is elsewhere and I forget for a few minutes or so.  We all let our guard down at times.

It may help to remind ourselves that a quick moment of action can prevent days out of action!

Happy Zapping!

                Doug Cornell, PhD

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