EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Moms are special, and make for good stories

Some of the best CopperZap® stories are about Moms.

Like the skeptical son whose mom made him try a CopperZap when he felt like he was coming down with something. When it worked he said to his dad, "Don't tell Mom!"

Or like the mom who insisted her husband try it after years of terrible sinus pain. "You're such a whack job!" he told her, but he tried it and it worked. Their daughter said it changed their lives.

Or like the grownup daughter who only tried it to prove to her mom it was nonsense, then got mad when she had to admit it worked.

"My family laughed at me," one mom said when she gave them CopperZaps. But as each one tried it, they stopped getting sick and thanked her.

Another Mom gave a Zap to each of her teenage daughters. The younger one uses it diligently when she should and avoids illness. But the older one recently ignored warning signs, skipped using it, and got sick.

Mom has to keep reminding her. Moms care about their families. No one is more concerned for their family's health than mothers.

Word of mouth is powerful, but now some experts say "Word of Mom" can be even more powerful.

So make sure every mom you know has a CopperZap or gets one so she can try it out herself, then get them for kids and parents, and keep the whole family healthy.

Happy Zapping! 

- Doug Cornell, PhD

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