EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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New Battleground for Illness Prevention – the NOSE

Many illnesses start in the nose.  Experts have known this for a long time. 

Now experts are looking to the nose as the best place to stop those illnesses. 

“The nose has emerged as a key battleground in the war against COVID-19,” says Laura Sanders, for example, in ScienceNews (https://www.sciencenews.org/article/coronavirus-covid-19-treatments-target-nose-prevention). 

Like colds and flu, Covid is caused by viruses.  When viruses travel through the air around you, some of them land in your nose. 

The nose offers a great place for viruses to multiply.  They will spread all through your respiratory system within hours or less – unless you stop them first.  So scientists are coming to realize the nose may be the right location for stopping viruses. 

“The nose is the place where the virus is setting up shop,” says Andrew Lane of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  Columbia University researchers have tested a chemical spray in animal noses (https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abf4896). 

Cornell University researchers have investigated a different chemical spray that might work if administered soon enough after viruses arrive in the nose, before they spread and take hold (https://news.cornell.edu/stories/2022/03/promising-nose-spray-could-prevent-and-treat-covid-19). 

Before the pandemic, researchers had already developed nasal sprays for cold and flu.  Some can reduce the duration of a respiratory illness, but none stop it completely before it starts. 

CopperZap LLC wanted to focus on illness before it gets started.  We focused on the nose, too, but with a different approach.  We turned to solid copper rather than chemical sprays or gels. 

Twenty years of government and university research has shown that copper kills viruses and other microbes quickly on contact.  The EPA designated copper as antimicrobial in 2008 and recently registered copper surfaces for use against Covid.  

In 2012 we were the first we know of to realize the potential for using copper in the nose to kill viruses before they take hold.  Our solid copper device, CopperZap®, has advantages over chemical sprays.  

Copper is a natural element which the body already needs and uses.  Copper works in seconds to kill viruses and bacteria.  You can use your CopperZap over and over again.  It never wears out and never needs a refill. 

We have sold tens of thousands of CopperZaps, with Directions for using it in the nose and elsewhere.  Customers give glowing reports of using copper in the nose against colds, flu, sinus trouble, congestion, and nasal drip, and elsewhere for cold sores, canker sores, skin infections, cuts or wounds, warts, styes, pink eye, thrush, and ringworm. 

While researchers test new chemical sprays, the natural element copper is already well known to be the fast and effective virus killer.  Copper is already winning in the battleground of the nose. 

           Doug Cornell, Ph.D.




Latest updated Directions are at CopperZap.com/Directions.  Printed Directions come with every CopperZap.


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