EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Why we get sick more in cold weather

Colder weather usually brings on more colds, flu, Covid, and other respiratory illness.  Why?

Indoor crowding:  In colder weather people spend more time indoors near others.  This increases the spread of viruses from person to person.

Dry air:  Cold air tends to be drier than warm air.  It can dry out the mucous membranes in airways behind the nose and in the throat.  Viral infections take hold more easily in dry mucous membranes.

Seasonable variability of viruses:  Many viruses tend to be more stable and survive longer in colder and drier conditions.  They can live longer on objects and surfaces.  This can increase transmission of the viruses by hands and fingers when a sick person touches something and then other people touch it.

A recent study shows that when one person carrying bad germs arrives in an indoor setting, it only takes a few hours for the bad germs to get spread around to almost everything people normally touch, such as doorknobs, faucets, light switches, keyboards, utensils, and other kitchen items.

That’s why CopperZaps are designed for maximum contact with hands and fingers when you use it or even just handle it for a few seconds.  The whole thing, including the handle, is pure copper.  Copper kills germs on your fingers and hands. 

CopperZaps leave a trace of copper on the skin for more than 20 minutes.  That trace can keep killing germs you pick up soon after.  Also, when you touch copper and then touch an object, you leave a slight trace of copper on that object, which may help protect others in the family.

If one or more people in a family touch and handle a CopperZap at least once or twice a day with their fingers, like before family meals, chances are some of the things everybody touches will soon bear slight traces of copper.  This could reduce the chance of germs spreading through the whole family.

Children can use CopperZaps on their fingers, too, though we urge caution on young children using it in the nose.  Damage might occur if they can’t sit still or if they get their elbow bumped by a playmate or sibling. 

Parents may want to give a CopperZap to each child to keep in their room and use on their hands after school and before meals.  It may help kids start good lifetime habits.  When children get old enough to use it safely, maybe around 12, they can graduate to using it in the nose, too.

Weaker immune response:  Some studies suggest that cold weather may weaken the immune system, making people more susceptible. 

A CopperZap can’t strengthen the immune system.  Instead it deploys copper as an ally, to help the immune system when it needs help.  Your immune system starts trying to defend you almost as soon as bad germs get in your nose.  It starts producing special immune cells to attack the invaders.  But if there are a lot of invaders (a high “viral load”) it needs to produce a lot more immune cells, which takes time.

With a high viral load, the germ cells are multiplying and spreading so fast in the first few days that your immune systems is behind and playing catch up.  That’s why symptoms are usually at their worst on day 2 or 3, because that’s how long it takes for your system to produce enough immune cells to catch up.

That’s why it is so important to use your CopperZap early, as soon as you feel a warning sign of cold or flu, or realize you may have been exposed to cold, flu, or Covid.  If you act right away, before the bad germs have multiplied too much or spread too far beyond your nose, copper can kill enough of them that your immune system is suddenly all caught up and has an easy time with the rest.

That’s why even when people wait just a little bit too long, they often say the cold or flu was less severe and went away quicker than usual.  If they wait much longer, however, then it’s too late to do much good.   It’s best to use copper right away.  For colds, use it no more than 3 hours after you first feel a warning sign.  For flu, use it within one hour.

 Covid does not give a warning sign, so use it as soon as possible after you think you may have been exposed.  (The EPA has registered copper surfaces as an effective killer of Covid viruses.  CopperZaps are copper surfaces.)

The warning signs of cold or flu are often obvious to older people, but some young adults do not yet recognize the signs due to limited experience.  They should probably use a CopperZap daily before bed, especially during cold and flu season, plus any time they believe they have been exposed, like when they are around people coughing or sneezing or at a hospital or doctor's office.

Although cold, flu, and Covid can spread more easily in fall and winter, they can also be transmitted year-round, so don’t hesitate to use your CopperZap at other times of year, too, as needed.

Happy Zapping!

         Doug Cornell, Ph.D.


People use CopperZaps against:
   Colds and Flu
   Sinus trouble from germs
   Cold sores or Fever blisters
   Canker sores that get infected
   Sleep disruption by congestion
   Stuffy nose, Drippy nose
   Mold allergies
   Hay fever worsened by Bacteria
   Strep throat
   Pink Eye and Styes
   Skin infections
   Infected sores
   Cuts and Wounds
   Thrush and Tongue infections
   Getting sick after air travel 

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