EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Nature’s Virus Killer

Copper can stop a virus before it starts

On any given day, we come across over 60,000 germs and potential viruses. They sit on surfaces we touch, like doorknobs, elevator buttons, our phones. They can travel 200ft in the air from a person’s cough or sneeze. They’re impossible to avoid. 


But how can we avoid getting sick from the viruses and germs all around us?


I knew there had to be SOMETHING that could reduce or eliminate the chance of illness, rather than treating it after the damage had already been done. Harsh chemicals and “remedies” that only mask symptoms are not cutting it.


A little research led me to find a scientific breakthrough that experts in microbiology have discovered.


Copper kills germs–FAST.


That’s right, after hundreds of studies, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and university researchers have officially confirmed that viruses and bacteria die almost instantly when touched by copper.

It sounds unbelievable. But researchers say the electrical conductance of copper disrupts the delicate balance in a microbe and destroys it rapidly. In other words, viruses die fast when they come into contact with copper. 


Even hospitals are using copper to stop serious infections


After the EPA’s discovery, they urged hospitals to try copper for touch surfaces, like faucets and doorknobs. The hospitals that tried it saw more than a 50% reduction in the spread of MRSA and other antibiotic resistant superbugs.



Dr. Bill Keevil placed millions of disease germs on copper. “They started to die literally as soon as they touched the surface,” he said. 

The term “contact killing” has been coined by scientists to describe how bacteria and viruses are rapidly killed upon contact with copper.

But what about viruses in our everyday lives – like cold and flu??


Illness causing germs from a sick person’s sneeze, or the viruses and bacteria picked up from things we touch every day, make their way into our noses and soon spread out and cause illness.

But what if you could stop them early?


With strong scientific evidence at hand, inventor Doug Cornell, PhD, decided to test it out himself.


When he felt a tickle in his nose that warned of a cold about to start, he created a copper probe and rubbed it gently in his nose for 60 seconds. 


“It worked!” he exclaimed, “the cold never got going.” He asked friends and relatives to try it. They all said it worked for them too if they used it within 3 hours of the first sign a cold was about to start.


“That was in September 2012. I have not had a single cold since then.”


With his discovery that copper did, in fact, stop his colds from developing, he went on to patent a device called CopperZap, an easy-to-use nasal swab that uses the power of copper to destroy germs before they have a chance to spread out. 


See what real customers are saying about CopperZap:


“I am shocked! My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion,” Attorney Donna Blight said after trying CopperZap for her sinus.


“CopperZap is the only thing that has worked for me. I was skeptical before I bought it but figured what do I have to lose. This thing really works!!! Would definitely recommend this!” -Denise H.


“This really does kill viruses that start in your nose. Whenever I feel like I’m getting sick I use this in my nostrils a couple times a day. It kills the virus and germs in contact. There are many other uses as well. I have tons of friends and family that swear by this amazing tool.” -Kellie


“I have been using the CopperZap going on 3 years now, and I have not had a sickness since I've been using it, not even a head cold! The best money I spent in a long time!! I keep telling my family about this and I know that I am a living example of your product.” -Bethany M.


Customers report using copper against colds, flu, sinus trouble, cold sores/fever blisters, canker sores, congestion, skin infections, wounds, thrush, styes, warts, ringworm, and more.


It’s far too easy to pick up nasty germs these days - But you don’t have to fall victim to them. This revolutionary invention turns the scientific properties of copper into a lifetime of powerful germ protection.

CopperZap is made of pure copper and manufactured in the USA. It is $79.95 with a full money-back guarantee.

So keep yourself and your loved ones safe from illness with nature’s most powerful germ killer.


When you feel that tickle in your nose, reach for CopperZap! 

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