EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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These comments have been collected from email and phone conversations with customers over the years. 

Thank you for your reports. They have helped us learn of more ways copper can help people.



"I got my zap about 5 years ago. It's been a great blessing. I got another for my daughter, who is a teacher, and I want another for my son-in-law so he won't have to miss work."  John B.


"I feel very blessed to own one!"  Sariah


"I can't believe it. It works!!!"  Matthew


"Love your product! I bought at least 6 and referred approximately 6 others. It helped my husband and myself."  Raylene


"...sending a heartfelt thank you."  Eleanor


"Your product is fantastic and it does WORK and HELP others!"  Brian, NJ


"You did such a good thing creating this device."  Maureen H.


"My brother who is a medical doctor raved about this product."  Denise


"I stand by your product 100%. Thank you for your great service to the public when you decided to share this amazing product."  Gase


"I am a firm believer in your product. It's made my quality of life so much better. Thank you for developing and designing such a great product."  Jean A.


Believe me, I am a very happy customer...and have referred many friends and relatives."  Tom D.


"I promise you this works. I am so grateful my mom told me about this."  Kristin Ann


"High quality and a beautiful design. What a great company!"  Nicole S.


"Thank you so much for your quick delivery. The instructions were complete and understandable."  David T.


"Loving my copperzap!"  Naomi, Florida


"What a wonderful organization you have! My order arrived from Arizona to New Hampshire in just two days, two hours, and 30 minutes.  Enclosed is a money order for three more, which will become Christmas presents. Thank you for such great service."  Charles B, NH


"I can attest it works. It's practical."  Dr. F, Maryland


"Really helps me sleep at night."  Joseph L., Ohio


"I love it."  Patricia B., Florida


"Ordering 15 for gifts."  William H, Ohio


"I have had it for 2 years.  It's a remarkable thing, I can attest to that."  Lance, Arizona


"I'm telling you, you already know it, it works."  Steve S.


"I'm very impressed and a major believer."  Beth, PhD, Arizona


"Copperzap! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't say it enough. I wish I would have had this product a long time ago. You guys have made Christmas shopping easy for me this year! I hope you guys continue sharing this product with the world."  Brandon Scott


"Worth every single penny, and more. Others can laugh all they want, but for me, I have found a miracle! This works astonishingly well."  Linda Machado


"Highly recommend this it really works!!!"  Nancy and Dennis, Arizona


"Got it works too!"  Mavis Larson


"This really works!!"  Rita Connors


"I had purchased about 12 different products.  Fortunately, your product showed up on my Facebook feed.  Believing it would probably be another waste of money, I ordered it anyway out of sheer desperation.  WOW!  The results have been amazing!  I cannot thank you enough and am taking it to show my doctor today.  I will be ordering more for family members."  Deidre B.


"I noticed a difference almost immediately."  Sam W., AR


"My Mom gave me one. The first time I used it, I was just trying to prove to her that it was absolute nonsense. Then I had to eat crow. I'm still mad that I had to admit to my Mom I was wrong after telling her it was hooey."  Rae B


"I have one at home and one goes with me when I travel.....awesome product."  Phoenix


"I love my copper zap. It works just as advertised. 100% successful with usage as directed."  Bakeho


"It Works!!"  Kevin C., Connecticut


"You guys rock!! Thank YOU!!!"  Britt I., Nevada


"It has helped so much. I am a retired ICU RN. I carry it every where all the time.  I use it regularly when I travel. Day care workers would greatly benefit from using this simple but very effective device. GET ONE. USE IT. IT WORKS. Carry it with you at all times."  Nurse Marti, Colorado


"You have a tool that is a great help in daily life."  Dr. Judith, Maryland


"I love it. I love the ergonomics of it."  Terri, Ohio


"This is the second order I have placed. It works! LOVE IT!"  Cynthia W, Colorado


"Now that I know how well it works I want to order for my whole family."  Ambia, Florida


"Thank you for the great customer service. I'm referring the copperzap to three or four of my other friends."  Anonymous


"It works. I got mine 3 years ago. I bought one for myself. Then got my husband one.  My sister ordered one and then friends from church ordered several. I take it on trips and use it when I need to. Great for teachers who are around germs all the time."  Jeanette, Colorado


"This little gadget really works!!!"  Peggy S., Wisconsin


"I Love it. Super easy to use. Taking it with me on travel."  Heather G., Utah


"I have one and it sure works!!!"  Juana, Florida


"Fantastic product!  Really, really works.  Guess I'll have to retire my neti pot.  Copper Zap is so easy to use.  I'll never be without one.  Thanks for a great product!!"  Marilyn W.


"I bought one for me, and one for spouse - totally amazing results. Keeps me safe."  Ronda B.


"I absolutely love my zapper! At first I was a bit skeptical of the product, eight months later and plenty of exposure without so much as a sniffle. Planning on ordering some more for family members this holiday season!"  Kit C, Colorado


"I bought mine one year ago. I tell everyone about it, you don't have to suffer!"  Laurie K.


"I have one of these. It works!"  Betty C.


"I am a repeat customer. I bought one and I can't find it! I need another one ASAP I love the product!"  Sarah in Massachusetts


"I first saw it in the Explorer paper. I bought one immediately and I LOVE IT! Now I want to gift it to a relative so they can be amazed with its effectiveness and love it too."  Gloria I., Arizona


"For me it's been great. My daughter who is a school teacher has done well with it. It works. I recommend it to everyone."  Pete R., Florida


"I love this product!!"  Melissa R.,New York


"It works for me. I love it."  Judy N., Arizona


"This product is near and dear to my heart. I'm telling everyone."  Linda B., North Carolina


"I swear it works for me. My daughter thinks it is wonderful."  Rose B., Arizona


"I use it even after handshakes. It does its job if you use it. My granddaughter calls it her copper angel."  Dorothy F., MO


"I'm very happy with it."  Ralph M., NJ


"CopperZap is wonderful."  Wanda E., NC


"I'm very satisfied with it."  Janet K, ID


"It's been amazing and I tell everybody about it. I am going to order one for my husband. He flies a lot. And for my daughter who is 16 and will start school again this fall."  Lauren, Minnesota


"It is phenomenal! It works, it's fantastic! You did a great job!"  Delores Holt


"I think I've found a miracle."  Melanie C, Texas


"I felt better right away."  Elaine H, MD


"This is the only thing that has worked."  Max F, Connecticut


"It works great for me."  Martha J.


"We ordered about a year and a half ago and had great results, so I am ordering 2 more for gifts."  James E., Minnesota


"I've had excellent results."  Gayle B, British Columbia


"I love it. My friend loves it, too."  Patricia Pattwell, ID


"It's fantastic. I'm buying 2 more for gifts."  Mildred R., PA


"I have your CopperZap and I must tell you it works."  Lyle E.


"Thank you guys so much for coming up with this idea. I'm so happy I bought it. And I can't imagine the money I'll save."  Jane S.


"I am loving it."  Amanda M, Florida


"Loving my copper zap and now my mom and sister are using a zap."  Cari, California


"It works like crazy!"  Will G., Washington


"Thanks for your caring and patient service!"  Aaron F.


"When I got it and first used it that night I noticed a huge difference. I'm not even using it every night."  Debbie W., Minnesota


"My group of 12 includes two pharmacists, a doctor, a school teacher, and other friends. We are all exposed a lot. Schools are full of flu. There is strep, colds and flu all going at once. Some of the group were skeptical but they got Copper Zaps because of my experience. All good since we got them. A wonderful thing is you don't ever need to buy another. Okay to use my name."  Judy Kirk


"It's a wonderful product. It keeps my nose from getting plugged up in the night. I used to have to wake up and use one of those inhalers to clear things up before I can go back to sleep.  It's great not to have to deal with that any more. You have made my life better."  Philip N., Wisconsin


"It has really helped me. I can breathe so much better. It was instantly. Sitting here now I can actually breathe out of both my nostrils. At my age that's like Woo-Hoo!"  Jacqualine, Michigan


"I used it in the night and then I could breathe through my nose and sleep the rest of the night."  Angie, California


"I absolutely love my zapper! At first I was a bit skeptical of the product, eight months later and plenty of exposure to illness without so much as a sniffle. Planing on ordering some more for family members this holiday season!"  Kit Callbeck, Colorado, Facebook


"I tried it before bedtime and I woke up clear as a bell."  Charles Jones, Indiana


"It's helping me 110%. I used to never wake up with my mouth closed."  Pat K., Alaska


"I use it at the first sign of anything going on in my nose and bam it's gone. Even if I only use it once. My husband sees that its working so I said great but you can't use mine you have to get your own. I tell people about it they way what do you mean you stick copper in your nose but I say if you want to feel better."  Iris H., Nevada


"I was totally amazed."  Marjorie S., Wisconsin


"I ordered 3 before Christmas. My family laughed at me at first, but they tried them and they worked. My family is so happy with them."  Judith "Brownie" Gruidl, Minnesota


"If I use copper before bed I sleep better. I don't wake up with a stuffy nose."  Frank B., Arizona


"I am usually not one to give testimonials. However, since purchasing your product and trying it out for several months I am walking proof that the Copper Zap accomplishes what it claims."  Jeb Colwell, NY


"I don't normally buy into this stuff, but once you read about it and then use it you will be amazed."  Donna B.


"This truly works. Everyone should get one! Its an amazing tool of prevention if used properly."  Lynda M.


"Traveling for Thanksgiving...taking mine with me! Perfect take along on traveling thru crowded airports!"  Pam


"It is truly a miracle. I completely swear by CopperZap."  Emily P., Arizona


"I feel like I can breathe again. My husband says the same thing."  Betsy G., Arizona


"I have used it twice. The second time I waited too long, but the next morning I felt completely better. In my job I need to be productive. I plan to keep a CopperZap in my purse so I can use it right away."  Melissa R., Arizona

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