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Allergies and sinus torment

What is causing so many sinus problems?

Allergies to pollen, dust, and pet dander can cause sinus blockage and allow bacteria and viruses to grow and cause sinus infections.

Mold in the air, especially after wet weather, also can cause sinus trouble.

Some people are even born with conditions that invite sinus problems.

We hear from many people about various remedies and even surgeries that don’t work.

Fortunately, we also hear from many people who found something that does work.

Here is what a few of them say:

Max told us he had been born with sinus problems.  After 2 days of using a CopperZap® he said, “This is the only thing that has worked.”

Elaine H said, “I have had chronic sinus problems most of my life, under my eyes and both sides of my nose.”  After she used her new CopperZap, she said, “I felt better right away.”

Lois W wrote, “I bought a Copper Zap about 2 weeks ago and I am amazed at how it opens up my sinuses at night.  I don’t even bother with the nebulizer anymore.”

Jeanne V. wrote, “I find my sinuses open up and my breathing is much better after I use the copper zap.  Excellent product.”

William H said, “I always had sinus trouble.  This cleared it up right away.  Stopped a cold, too.”  (He ordered 15 more CopperZaps for gifts.)

Elizabeth S said her CopperZap has really helped.  “I was getting sinus infections all the time.  Now they have stopped.”  She also said, “I’m not getting colds anymore even when people around me have colds.”

Copper can’t get rid of pollen, dust, or pet dander, so it can’t stop all allergy or sinus problems.  But pure copper does kill bacteria, viruses, and mold, which are the common causes of sinus torment.

Sinus trouble and colds are just 2 of over 20 conditions people use CopperZaps against.  See the list below.

Happy Zapping!

                Doug Cornell, PhD
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