EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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The kids got better but then Mom got sick

A terrific lady has worked at CopperZap LLC for many years.

We gave her a CopperZap® when she started.  She has used it successfully many times.

She has two young children.  They sometimes get sick from germs they pick up at school.  Also, her partner does not always use his CopperZap as soon as he should, so sometimes he’s the one bringing bad germs home.

If anyone around her shows symptoms, Mom starts using her CopperZap.  She keeps using it 3-4 times a day as long as symptoms are in full bloom in the rest of the family, and she doesn’t get sick.

Four or five days later, however, when symptoms are subsiding among the others, it is natural for her to let her guard down.

Twice now, she says, she cut back her zapping too soon and caught the bug.  Her symptoms are much milder, but she still gets sniffles and a cough and feels kind of lousy.

This is a reminder to all of us that bad germs can still be around after symptoms subside.  Germs can be in the air if anyone has a lingering cough, and they will be on nearly everything the sick people touched. 

Germs can survive for days on non-copper surfaces, so they may still be all over a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, computer, phone, TV remote, etc.

So keep using your CopperZap on fingers and hands frequently.  Be especially alert for warning signs in your nose or throat.

The Mom in this story just got two more CopperZaps so the children each have their own.  She is teaching them how to use it.

Her daughter is old enough to use it in her nose as well as her hands.  Her son is under 12, so Mom is instructing him to use it on his hands and fingers, and she will judge when he can use it safely in his nose.

Children should use it when they get home from school and before family meals.  If everyone in a family did that, bad germs would not likely get a hold on anyone as a host.

With no one hosting them, bad germs can’t spread to anyone else.  The whole family can stay healthy.

Happy Zapping!

                Doug Cornell, PhD
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