EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Copper vs cuts and injuries - Stop infections before they get serious

Outdoor projects, outdoor play, outdoor camping – summer cuts and injuries can be hard to avoid.

Any break in the skin can get infected, including piercings.

You must act fast to stop an infection. Have your CopperZap handy. Use it as soon as possible if you or a child or anyone you care about sustains an injury or even just a minor cut.

What to do?  Brush off dirt, then gently rub the broad part of the CopperZap directly on the break in the skin and all around it for 2-3 minutes.

Pure copper can kill dangerous germs in the injury.  It can also kill germs that might be near enough to get into the injury soon.

For a deep cut or wound use the narrow tip very gently as deep into it as you can without making it worse.  Try to touch all areas in and near the wound with copper.

If an injury is serious, or if bleeding won’t stop, seek medical attention.  Use the CopperZap against possible infection until you get help.

Infections can get serious, even deadly.  Don’t take a chance.  Always have your CopperZap handy.

Doug Cornell, PhD
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