EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Pure copper kills Bird Flu virus

If you have a CopperZap, you are ready.

Bird flu or avian flu viruses are in the influenza family.  Tests have shown pure copper kills influenza viruses quickly by direct physical contact.

As of this writing, bird flu has not yet spread much among humans, experts say, but they fear it could. 

Like other kinds of flu, bird flu could spread from one human to another by coughing or sneezing or by touch. 

Therefore we should be able to stop bird flu viruses, like other flu viruses, by diligent use of pure copper.

Reportedly, bird flu symptoms usually start out similar to regular flu symptoms, such as runny nose, coughing and sore throat.  This suggests the virus tends to lodge in the nose or throat where it can be reached by a CopperZap® or CopperZap Water® (see Directions) before it makes you sick.

Use your CopperZap in your nose and on hands and fingers immediately or as soon as possible after any potential exposure to any kind of flu.

Also, bird flu is said to be transmissible by contact with an infected animal, especially its bodily fluids or dust particles in their habitats that get into your eyes, nose, or mouth.

If you suspect that kind of exposure, you should immediately use your CopperZap all over your hands and face, especially around your eyes, in your nose, and in your mouth.  A 30-60 second touch of pure copper to each affected area should reduce or eliminate any viruses threatening you.

Happy Zapping!

                Doug Cornell, PhD

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