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Panic at Disneyland

Our friend Rosa and her husband took their three kids to Disneyland recently.

They had a great time, but any vacation naturally can be a bit stressful – packing, travel, hotel, meals, tickets, and waiting in line.

Stress often brings on cold sores. Cold sores can bring on more stress.

While they were waiting for one of the rides, she nicked her lip slightly with her fingernail. All of a sudden, she felt one of the strongest tingles ever in her lip, a sure sign a major cold sore was about to erupt.

She has had lots of experience with cold sores, ever since her school days. She hates them.

She said she had tried every remedy and preventive on the market up until about 9 years ago. That's when she discovered CopperZap. She was the first to try it against cold sores.

Since then she had stopped every single cold sore when it was just a tingle before it erupted. Until recently.

About a month ago she woke up with a blister already formed. She had not used her CopperZap in time because she had been asleep and the tingle didn't wake her up.

She was so mad. She zapped the blister a lot and finally got rid of it a few days later, but it left her worried. She wondered if she would be able to catch the next one in time.

So there she was at Disneyland, with normal vacation stress and suddenly a fiery tingle in her lip.

The tingle was so powerful she could already feel a bump forming just under the lip. That was a guarantee that a big ugly cold sore was about to burst forth on her face.

She was in a panic! She pictured the rest of her vacation with a major glaring blister for all to see.

Fortunately, she always has her CopperZap with her in her purse.

She immediately pressed the broad end of the handle on the tingly spot and then rubbed it gently on the bump. She kept doing that on and off while going on rides or waiting in lines with her family.

Within three hours the tingle was gone, the bump was gone, and the worry was gone. Quick action saved her vacation!

Rosa pioneered the way for thousands of others who now use CopperZaps against cold sores and fever blisters. We applaud her for sharing her experience and helping so many others.

Happy Zapping!

- Doug Cornell, PhD

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