EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Miserable for 13 months, then WOW

Deirdre B posted on social media:

“For 13 months I have been absolutely miserable with a severe stuffy nose…the kind where nasal tissues were so inflamed no air at all could pass through.

“I had purchased about 12 different products trying desperately to find what might clear up the congestion in my nose.

“My doctor was out of suggestions.  Fortunately, your product showed up on my feed.

“Believing it would probably be another waste of money, I ordered it anyway out of sheer desperation.

“WOW!  The results have been amazing!

“On day three I was able to breathe for a short amount of time.  By day five I could breathe day and night…  I am now on day eight and continuing to see improvement with each use.

“I cannot thank you enough for this product.  I will be ordering more for family members.”

Dierdre’s experience is another example that you don’t always need to put medicine all through your body, even for such a severe problem.  You can just apply the touch of pure copper exactly where the bad germs are located.

In her case, there was probably a really big load of bad germs all through her nasal passages and sinuses, causing lots of mucus and blockage.

CopperZaps leave a trace of pure copper for a few minutes wherever they can reach.  During that time, copper ions suffuse a little farther through the nasal mucus, killing more germs.

In Deirdre’s case, each application probably relieved a little of the blockage, releasing some drainage and allowing the next application to reach a little farther.

That may explain why the first two days of use did not seem to help.  It probably caused some drainage, which may have made things seem worse.  It took till day three to clear enough blockage to start allowing some air flow.

Deirdre’s condition was so severe, no wonder even a CopperZap took several days to work.  If it works for something that severe, you know it’s powerful!

Happy Zapping!

                Doug Cornell, PhD
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