EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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She woke up with a horrible sore throat and painful ears

Donna Cunha said, "You can use my name anytime because I am a big believer in the copper Zap.” 

She sent us this story:

“Early Sunday morning I awoke to a horrible sore throat and very painful ears,” she said.

She felt so bad she thought it must be the start of Covid.

Fortunately, she had her CopperZap® handy.  “I immediately started to use my zap in my nose.”

That was smart, because throat problems often start in the nose.  In fact, most sore throats may start that way.  Viruses get in the nose, start to multiply, then drip down into the throat.

It’s called postnasal drip.  Once in the throat, the viruses spread like crazy.  They can get into the eustachian tube, too, and cause pain in the ears.

Donna also was smart in another way.  She made some CopperZap Water™.  The Directions tell how – it’s easy.

After using the CopperZap Water, she said, “I finally fell asleep.  When I awoke all the pain and soreness was gone.” 

“I could hardly believe it.  I felt like it was a miracle,” she said.

Whether it was Covid or flu or just a bad cold, it almost got her!  If she hadn’t been smart and acted so quickly, she could have been sick and miserable for at least a week or two.

Others have sent in similar reports. 

“I had to try it to believe it,” said Judy C for example.  “Whenever I have a sore throat that usually precedes a cold, I use the copperZap as directed and my sore throat is gone by morning with no cold.”

Using it in your nose is usually all it takes for a sore throat.  CopperZap Water is for a really bad sore throat or a sore spot deep in the throat that warns of flu about to start.

So when you have a sore throat, always start right away with CopperZap in the nose.  But also keep a couple of ounces of CopperZap Water available, just in case.  You can store it at room temperature in a small glass jar.

Thank you Donna for your story.

Happy Zapping!

                Doug Cornell, PhD
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