EPA tests show copper kills the Covid virus

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Used it for years, but now THIS?


"I have used it for years, but now THIS?" wrote Jeanine.

“I work in natural health and have close proximity to clients every day. This little piece of copper has been my go to for killing any potential virus exposure for years, even through the pandemic.

“BUT, the other day I started to have a terrible itchy stye show up on my lower eyelid.

“It was miserable and I knew how much worse it could get before it would resolve. I remembered my copper zap and I'm not kidding that the relief was immediate.

“I used it three times for five minutes each in the evening and the next morning, it was completely resolved, gone, nonexistent.

“I can't stop talking about my copper zap!”

Thanks, Jeanine!

This is another example of how CopperZaps are good for many more things than just colds and flu. 

Check out the list below.  There are over 20 things we know of so far that CopperZaps are good for.

Colds and flu tend to be seasonal, but many things on the list occur year-round, including styes, pinkeye, cold sores, mold allergies, hay fever, warts, and air travel.

Spring brings more outdoor activity and more cuts and minor wounds for children and active adults.  Quick use of copper can prevent a dangerous infection.

So make sure you and your loved ones have CopperZaps with them at all times.

Happy Zapping!

Doug Cornell, PhD


People use CopperZaps against:

  •      Colds and Flu
  •      Covid
  •      Sinus trouble from germs
  •      Cold sores or fever blisters
  •      Canker sores that get infected
  •      Sleep loss due to congestion
  •      Stuffy nose, Drippy nose
  •      Mold allergies
  •      Hay fever worsened by Bacteria
  •      Strep throat
  •      Pink Eye and Styes
  •      Skin infections
  •      Infected sores
  •      Cuts and Wounds
  •      Thrush and Tongue infections
  •      Warts, Ringworm
  •      Getting sick after Air Travel
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